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ADESA Run List

Find the cars that you need to buy quick and easy, and without running around at the auction or sifting through piles of reports.
ADESA Run Lists offer key data so that you can be better prepared and buy with confidence:
  • Vehicle year, make, model, body style, color, engine type, odometer, grade and VIN
  • Vehicle options and announcements
  • Auction location, sale date, lane and run number
  • Type of auction the vehicle is offered
Use these helpful tips once you have created a Run List:
  1. View all Options and Announcements on your Run List by clicking on the “SHOW ALL” button
  2. Open your Run List in Excel by clicking on the “OPEN WITH EXCEL” button
  3. View vehicle VIN barcode (for scanning) by clicking on the “PRINT” button
To get started and create a Run List click here.

For more detailed information, visit for guides you can download, view or print.

RunList Screenshot