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Dealer Registration Forms

ADESA auctions are for registered wholesale automotive dealers only, closed to the public. Each dealer has to be registered at an ADESA auction before receiving a bid badge or buying cars online.

Below you will find a series of web pages, links and printable files that will assist you with the process of registering at your local ADESA auction facility. Several of these files have been created with Adobe Acrobat for security reasons. To view these files you must have Adobe Acrobat Viewer installed on your computer. If you do not have this program you can download a free version. These files may also be obtained at your local ADESA auction.

In addition to completing and submitting the required dealer registration forms listed below, please provide copies of the following documents:

  • State dealer’s license or equivalent required state document
  • Current dealer bond, if required by your state
  • Current sales tax certificate
  • Copy of a voided company business check
  • Current salesperson's license for each representative, if required by your state

Each representative will need to go to the Dealer Registration counter at one of our auctions to have their current driver's license scanned into Auction ACCESS. If the representative plans to buy online only, please provide a legible copy of their current driver's license.

ALL of the ADESA and Auction ACCESS forms listed below are required in order to register and participate either online or at any of our U.S. whole car auctions.

Required ADESA Forms:

US Auction Policy (Terms & Conditions)
Power of Attorney
Personal Guaranty
IRS W-9 Form
State Tax Blanket Certificate of Resale Forms:
MTC (Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate) ALL dealers
Arizona - AZ Form 5000A (Arizona dealers only)
Arkansas - AR Form ST-391 (Arkansas dealers only)
California - CA Form BOE-230 (California dealers only)
Georgia - GA Form ST-5 (Georgia dealers only)
Idaho - ID Form ST 101 (Idaho dealers only)
Indiana - IN Form ST-105D (Indiana dealers only)
Kentucky - KY Form 51A105 (Kentucky dealers only)
Massachusetts - MA Form ST-4 (Massachusetts dealers only)
Nevada - NV Resale Certificate (Nevada dealers only)
New Jersey - NJ Form ST3 (New Jersey dealers only)
New York - NY Form ST-120 (New York dealers only)
New York - NY Form MT-171 (New York dealers only)
Pennsylvania - PA Form REV-1220AS (Pennsylvania dealers only)
South Dakota - SSTP (South Dakota dealers only)
Texas - TX Form 14-313 (Texas dealers only)
Utah - UT Form TC721 (Utah dealers only)
Virginia - VA Form ST-10 (Virginia dealers only)

For the following states, the State issued tax certificate is required, there is no form to complete (contact your state for further information):

·         State issued certificates

  • Florida – Resale Certificate
  • Louisiana – Resale Certificate
  • Washington – Reseller’s permit

Required Auction ACCESS Forms:

Please download the following forms from the Auction ACCESS website.

  • Application
  • Dealership Credit Information Form
  • Individual Authorization Letter
  • Dealer Authorization/Removal Letter

After completing the documents, please fax or email them to Customer Registration at You can also provide them to the dealer registration department at one of the ADESA auctions you would like to attend. You can obtain address, phone and fax contact information using the ADESA Auction List.

ADESA DealerBlock Payment Method Forms:

ACH Form
Floorplan Partnership Request

ADESA Policies:

NAAA Arbitration Policy
ADESA As-Is Policy
ADESA Post Sale Inspection Policy

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