Introducing CarValue™, a wholesale valuation guide built for ADESA, by ADESA. CarValue™ leverages machine learning and additional data to provide you with reliable sale price predictions for the current sale week, at a local or national level. It’s the only wholesale pricing model largely based on historical ADESA transactions—making it the most useful valuation guide for buying and selling with ADESA.

ADESA Clear is a new timed digital auction experience for wholesale buyers, where every starting bid equals the reserve price. Enjoy fully optimized condition reports, streamlined search, one-click bidding and a brand-new mobile app all designed to save you time, so that you can win vehicles faster.

Bidding is available every day, 24/7! We currently offer vehicles in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina and Washington, D.C.

ADESA Live Auctions

ADESA Live Auctions are a great way to acquire new inventory. Attend your local live sale or join by Simulcast, and don’t forget that you can always stop by take a look at our vehicles in-person at any ADESA location.

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