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CarValue™ is a vehicle valuation guide that leverages machine learning algorithms and over 50 million historical ADESA data points supplemented with additional third-party data to provide reliable sale price predictions for the current sale week.

It also takes submarket trends and national values into account to make these predictions at local and national levels.

CarValue™ is the only wholesale pricing model largely based on ADESA transactions, making it the most useful valuation guide for buying and selling with ADESA.

What sets CarValue™ apart from other guidebooks?

Broad Coverage, Prices 95%+ of VINs at ADESA Auctions

CarValue™ can predict prices for a wide range of vehicles, including those that are not frequently transacted.

Real-Time, Relevant Pricing

CarValue™ predicts prices at the VIN level rather than year/make/model/trim, allowing it to provide reliable pricing that reflects your specific inventory.


CarValue™ is the only commercially available wholesale pricing model largely based on ADESA auction transactions. Price predictions are refreshed weekly to reflect the most recent market changes and dynamics.

Averages 100% Retention–Consistently Reliable Results

CarValue™ is designed to reflect the real predicted sale price at an auction for the current sale week so you can feel confident buying and selling with ADESA.

CarValue™ is available now on these platforms, with more ways to access coming soon!

View the CarValue™ price for the current vehicle on the block in the autoniq® plugin, even if you aren’t subscribed to autoniq®.

Free for ADESA customers

Contact your ADESA Rep to learn more about using CarValue™ to enhance your ADESA sales strategy, including Block Summaries, portfolio evaluations, and flooring recommendations.

Free for ADESA customers

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