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When you’ve got cars to sell, we’ve got the marketplace to deliver results. Our dedicated and experienced auction teams offer a complete end-to-end menu of services. We provide comprehensive online-selling solutions that will reach more buyers and maximize your vehicle profit.

Buyers can purchase with confidence fresh retail-ready inventory at ADESA auctions or on
  • ADESA has 65 strategic auction locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • ADESA DealerBlock offers access to vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a great way to post vehicles that might be in transit to a physical auction.
  • ADESA LiveBlock allows buyers to participate in live auctions online. They bid alongside other dealers at up to three auctions at once.

ADESA Dealer Connect provides a unique opportunity for dealers to wholesale right from their lot while the vehicle is still available for retail customers. Dealers can lower the cost of selling and transporting their vehicles, and move inventory quickly from their dealership lot.

ADESA Certified vehicles meet the NAAA certification standards. The certified vehicles go thru a robust 45+ points of inspection that ultimately increases bids and retention, reduces arbitration, and builds dealer confidence.

At ADESA, we’re proud to be your trusted business partner.

Call your Dealer Sales and Service Manager. Contact information is listed in the auction directory section of the ADESA auction page.

For more detailed information, visit for guides you can download, print or view on screen.

ADESA Certified

Increase confidence and value in your vehicles

14 day certification guarantee
50,000 miles maximum
7 day certification guarantee
80,000 miles maximum
7 day certification guarantee
125,000 miles maximum

ADESA Certified vehicles meet NAAA’s guidelines. Buy
or sell ADESA certified vehicles inlane and online.

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