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Join our team of detailers, mechanics, body technicians, and more.

Check out our crew in action.

Who are we?

ADESA, a KAR Global company, has been a leader in the automotive industry since being founded in 1989. We provide wholesale vehicle solutions to professional car buyers and sellers all over the world and have over 70 ADESA vehicle logistics centers (VLCs) across North America.

Why working with us is awesome:

Taking care of you is our priority. Whether that’s providing vacation time, retirement support (401k), or creating a team-oriented atmosphere at work. We have your back.

Competitive wages and overtime

Our wages are competitive because anything else wouldn’t be fair. Plus, you’ll always get your first shift during the week and we offer overtime.

Your health and family come first

You and your family’s health are important. That’s why we offer comprehensive medical, dental and vision benefits. Plus, all new parents (yes, you too fellas) get paid leave.

Time off

We give 15 days paid time off, so you can recharge.

Retirement planning

Our team provides profit-sharing 401k plans so you can invest in your future more easily and steadily. Plus, we match whatever amount you invest for yourself from the start.

A team culture

We all have a clear goal, purpose and position within the ADESA VLC. However, there’s no way we can be successful without a strong team foundation. That’s why we nurture a culture of collaboration. We rely on each other to get it done.

Advance in your career and grow

You may be working at a tight-knit ADESA VLC location but you’re part of KAR Global, a major leader within the automotive industry. At KAR, there are endless opportunities to grow, diversify and keep evolving your career. We love promoting from within and give strong referral bonuses.

Interested in a specific department?


Extra perk:
Tuition and tool reimbursement (up to $2,000) program.
Extra perk:
No experience required.
Body Technicians
Extra perk:
Continuous and steady hours.


Help make the shop run smoothly


Do you have positions available in my area?

Once you apply, a team member will reach out to you to discuss your location preferences and what we currently have available. Don’t worry if we don’t have an opening – we’ll keep you in our roster when a job opens that matches your skillset.

What are the specific benefits you get working at ADESA?

A range of benefits are available. We offer comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits, paid parental leave, and 401K matching.

Pay varies by experience, role and location but is always competitive. Our team analyzes and reviews market data frequently and increases salary and wages accordingly based on their research.

What are the working days and hours at ADESA?

Your first shift is always offered during the weekday (Monday-Friday). Weekend work will occasionally be available but is based on business needs. All positions will always have access to overtime pay. Plus, 15 days of paid time off is available throughout the year.

What is the mechanic tool reimbursement?

All our mechanics are offered up to $2,000 in tool reimbursement (paid out over 2 years). We also offer discounted and/or starter tool kits.

What is the mechanic tuition reimbursement?

Tech school graduates are eligible for up to $15,000 in tuition reimbursement – including ASE Certifications. Reimbursement starts at 6 months of employment and is paid out over 4 years.